Americana Artist Levi Lowrey Leverages Passionate Fanbase To Back Latest 2-Disc Release

Just last month on June 10th Levi Lowrey, an Americana singer-songwriter from Dacula, Georgia, released his 5th album. In addition to featuring 19 newly recorded songs, Roots and Branches is Lowrey’s first two-disc release. Although the two discs make up a single album, according to Levi they are both very distinct. He explains, “ Roots & Branches is more like two albums than it is a double-disc album. Both tell different stories. Roots covers my musical origins and Branches shows my progression.”

Another surprising way in which this album stands out is through its funding. Using PledgeMusic, an online direct-to-fan platform, Lowrey raised money to fund the creation of his album. PledgeMusic is a system that is solely dedicated to raising funds for musicians. It not only encourages artists to offer a wide range of incentives and content exclusively to pledgers from their fan-base but also encourages these artists to include contributions to charity as a component of their fundraising project. Through PledgeMusic artists can connect with their fan-base to pre-sell, market and distribute music projects ranging from recordings, to videos and concerts.

Ultimately by providing exclusive deals and offerings to pledgers, particularly the presale of his album, Lowrey was able to achieve 105% of his funding goal with hundreds pledgers, raising several thousand dollars. As a result he was able to focus solely on the musical component of the album and take his time in order to create some masterful music. In addition he recently launched his new website, in order to better be able to connect with and engage his fans as he tours and continues recording.


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